Roofing and repair

Which assistants to choose and how to avoid the most common mistakes?

In the late summer or early autumn, roofing and repair works are often at the top of the list of the tasks to be done before winter. However, this activity requires skills, diligence, and specific knowledge. The question then arises – how to do such work qualitatively, easily and avoiding basic mistakes. We share practical and useful tips for any home craftsman.

Evaluate the condition carefully

There is a common belief that roofing or repair works should be started only when the old roof crumbles on the head or rainwater drips through the holes. However, such an opinion is both wrong and money consuming. This is because the structure of the roof which is leaking or starting to crumble has already suffered a significant damage, the removal of which is likely to thin the wallet significantly. Thus, the evaluation should be done in a timely and appropriate manner.

First of all, calculate how many years the roof has covered the house. Experts say that high-quality materials and quality work ensure peace of mind for about a quarter of a century. However, we do not always know who covered the roof and how it was done. Another method of evaluation is simple. If damages or deformations are visible, this is a high time to start the renovation. It is also worth taking a closer look at the attic after a heavy rain. If you find signs of a water leakage or other damage, get ready for roof works.

Choose the materials

Roofing and repair work requires high quality. Choose energy-saving materials, compare their characteristics, estimate how much and what kind of materials you will need. The choice of roofing material is also important. In Lithuania, the most common roofing materials are tiles, tin and bitumen. The first one has been used for many years, so its technology is already well developed. Tiles are made of clay or concrete, so they give the facade strength and natural look, are durable, non-flammable, sustainable, and even absorb the sound of rain or strong wind.

Tin, to be compared, is perhaps the most popular material used in Lithuania. Such roofs are strong, light and of high quality, they are covered quickly, simply and economically. What concerns the modern bituminous coating, it is very tight, perfectly adapted to slopes of various sizes, airtight, and resistant to moisture. It has many advantages both when covering a new roof and when renovating an old one.

Use helpers

Roofing requires the right helpers. Therefore, the desired result may be achieved not only by experienced and professional craftsmen, but also by high-quality roofing sealant that is highly important, because when carrying out various installation works on the facade side of the building, when connecting rain collection and drainage systems, when installing rainwater pipes, steel or bituminous roof coverings, hermetic sealing should be guaranteed.  

This is an integral part of the work. Sealing of roofs and facades is mandatory, as it gives the house resistance, tightness, and durability. In addition, when working outdoors and exposed to the environmental conditions, it is very important to use the UV-resistant sealant  that makes a strong seam and can be used on both dry and wet surfaces in warm and cold seasons. The line of outdoor sealants FOME FLEX “Kauchuk All seasons” meets all these requirements.

These products are an ideal choice for newly sealed objects: roof tiles, PVC and metal gutters, roof coverings. The FOME FLEX “Kauchuk” line consists of 6 colors that correspond to the RAL color palette recognized in Europe – transparent, red, brown, gray, anthracite, black. This sealant is perfect for sealing places where different materials are joined: concrete-metal, stone-wood, plastic-glass and many others. After solidification, the product ensures the resistance and maintains its physical properties even at a temperature of +100° C.

FOME FLEX “Kauchuk All seasons” is a professional helper for every roofer or repairman. Using it and all the tips, the home will be safe, comfortable and aesthetic.