Point 95 montage glue

Acrylic dispersion adhesive used for gluing different building materials to porous surfaces.

SKU: 03-1-0-295
Volume: 280 ml
Color: Transparent
  • Forms a transparent seam
  • High adhesion force after hardening 28 kg/ cm2
  • After hardening, resistant to cold and moisture
  • Odorless, solvent-free

One-component, aqueous adhesives based on acrylic dispersion used for gluing many building materials to porous surfaces such as concrete, gypsum, cement, bricks, particle board and cardboard. Once hardened, the adhesive forms a transparent and extremely durable seam. The adhesive seam becomes from white to transparent after hardening. Commonly used for gluing wood and OSB. Tensile strength (adhesion force) – 28 kg. / cm2. The yield of one vial is about 10 m. of seam.