Inral Spray paints FLUORESCENT, Orange

Decorative, fast-drying acrylic spray enamel with special optical properties. The unique formulation ensures high durability and colour longevity. Enamel for decorative painting of various surfaces or for informative, advertising signs and inscriptions.

SKU: 26-7-5-003
Volume: 400 ml
Color: Orange, matte
  • Creates matte surface that glows in daylight
  • the paint layer is durable and does not wear off quickly
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • contains no chromium or lead compounds

Decorative fast-drying enamel with outstanding optical properties. The unique composition of acrylic paint makes the film highly resistant and durable. INRAL FLUORESCENT paint for decorating various surfaces and for painting advertising, information signs and lettering; /Best painted at +20 °C. Below +18 °C the drying time and paint properties deteriorate. Free of lead or chromium compounds, does not deplete the ozone layer; /USE. Clean, degrease the surface and coat it with INRAL GROUND anti-corrosion white primer. Shake the can vigorously for 1 min. Spray evenly on the surface at a distance of 30Cm. Most effective when applied as a thin coat, with breaks, in several layers. When finished, turn the can upside down and clean the pulveriser by holding it down for a few seconds; /CURING TIME 20 min.; /YIELD: 2 m2; /WORKING TEMPERATURE: +10 ℃ … +25 ℃