Inral Spray paints FLUOMARKER, yellow

Acrylic fluorescent marking spray paint. Provides temporary coat, spontaneously fades within 3 months. Quick-drying. The can is designed to spray in all directions.

SKU: 26-7-5-007
Volume: 500 ml
Color: Yellow, matte
  • The marks are temporary and disappear without leaving a trace after 3 months
  • Sprayed by holding the can at any angle
  • contains no heavy metals

Acrylic fluorescent marking spray paint is used in the construction industry, for marking (trees, bridges, roads, etc.), planning and marking of roads, sports fields. The paint fades spontaneously under outdoor conditions within 3 months. Increased pigment content also allows using for fine lines that will be clearly visible. The pack is designed to be used at any 360° angle, to easily reach any point. For indoor and outdoor applications. Suitable for marking virtually any object and surface: including asphalt, concrete, pipes and even soil or snow. Free of lead or chromium compounds, does not deplete the ozone layer; /Best painted at +20°C. Can be used at lower temperatures, but it is recommended to keep the can pre-warmed in room temperature; /USE. Shake the can vigorously for 1 min. Spray perpendicular to the surface at a distance of 1-2 cm for a thin line or 5-20Cm for a thicker line or point. To decorate, spray at a distance of 20Cm in 2-4 coats every few minutes; /CURING TIME 5 min.; /WORKING TEMPERATURE: +18 ℃ … +25 ℃