Inral Spray paints ALU ZINC

Protective and restorative paint for steel, cast iron and galvanised surfaces. Used in construction for spraying galvanized surfaces such as roofs, rainwater pipes, window sills, fences. Can be used at home to paint racks, caravans, wheelbarrows, bicycles.

SKU: 26-7-3-001
Volume: 400 ml
Color: Aluminum, matt

Aluminium effect and anticorrosion – protective, decorative and restorative spray coat for steel, cast iron, galvanised and ZINC GROUNT anticorrosive surfaces. Used in construction for galvanised surfaces such as roofs, gutters, window sills, fences, etc. Also used in heavy industry in the manufacture of pipes and other equipment. Can be used at home to paint racks, caravans, wheelbarrows, bicycles and many other items. For steel protection against corrosion in dry rooms, warehouses, etc; /Best painted at +20 °C. Below +18 °C the drying time and paint properties deteriorate. Free of lead or chromium compounds, does not deplete the ozone layer; /USE. Clean and degrease the surface. Shake the can vigorously for 1 min. Spray evenly on the surface at a distance of 30Cm. Most effective when applied as a thin coat, with breaks, in several layers. When finished, turn the can upside down and clean the pulveriser by holding it down for a few seconds; /CURING TIME 20 min.; /YIELD: 2 m2; /WORKING TEMPERATURE: +10 ℃ … +25 ℃