FOME FLEX Transparent sealant AQUARIUM

Silicone for aquarium, clear.

SKU: 01-4-2-005
Volume: 300 ml
Color: Transparent
  • Harmless to flora and fauna
  • High mold resistance class - XS2
  • Extremely durable and elastic seam
  • Seam mobility 20%

High quality aquarium clear silicone sealant with excellent mechanical properties and high curing speed. Harmless to flora and fauna. The film forms after only 10 minutes. After curing, silicone is not toxic to living organisms. Suitable for sealing aquariums according to DIN 32622, maximum aquarium dimensions 200x60x60Cm. Used in the construction of aquariums, sealing pools and water parks, sealing terrariums and other glass structures. High mold resistance class – XS2. Seam mobility 20%.