FOME FLEX Silicone sealant NEUTRAL, transparent

Sanitary, transparent color, waterproof, one-component neutral silicone sealant.

SKU: 01-4-2-002
Volume: 300 ml
Color: Transparent
  • Does not cause corrosion, odorless
  • High mold resistance class- S1
  • Film forms in 5 minutes
  • Elastic seam

Sanitary and glazing neutral silicone based on Neutral Oxime, which reacts with moisture in the air to form a durable and elastic seam. Color – colourless. FOME FLEX NEUTRAL is specially designed for durable and flexible joint sealing in concrete and between bricks, in the glazing system, kitchens, bathrooms, showers and industry. Does not corrode non-ferrous metals and does not change the natural color of the stone. Does not affect acrylic bathtubs, sinks and mirrors. For indoor and outdoor work. Application temperature from +5 ° С to +40 ° С. Seam mobility 12.5%