FOME FLEX Paintable silicone PAINTASIL

Especially elastic paintable silicone.

SKU: 01-4-2-025
Volume: 310 ml
Color: White

Easy to paint, very elastic, anti-mold (with fungicides) sealant based on acrylic water dispersion suitable for all types of paints. One of the best products in the family of acrylic sealants, produced without phthalates. Paintable silicone seam is very elastic and adheres perfectly to many building materials. Contains an innovative polyacrylic water dispersion that creates sustainable chemical bonds with many building materials such as glass, aluminum or ceramics. The sealant has strong resistance to the growth of fungi and bacteria. Perfect for sealing moving joints before finishing and painting. The mobility of the joint up to 20% ensures that the sealant seam will be crack-free. The seam can be painted in as little as 60 minutes, which will make the work much faster and more convenient. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has anti-mold additives, so it is also suitable for sealing bathroom walls. Used for sealing all moving and stationary joints: wood, plasterboard and insulation boards, ceilings, wall corners, windows and doors interior frames before finishing and painting. For sealing small cracks outside and inside. The film forms in 20 minutes. Flammability class E (B2).