FOME FLEX Montavimo putos FAST CUT 75 L

The most likely to be one of the hardest on the market and extremely high-yield professional polyurethane mounting foam. For sealing and insulation.

SKU: 01-3-2-012
Volume: 870 ml
Color: Yellow
  • Yield 75-77 liters/ Cutting time only 10 minutes/ Full cure 1.5 hours/ Extremely low secondary expansion -30%

The new generation of FOME FLEX ULTRA FAST 75L is the fastest-setting and ultra-high-yield polyurethane mounting foam on the market. Yield of free-blowing 75-77 liters. Yield in meters – 55 m. (2 cm x 7 cm seam). The product is designed for very fast installation of windows and doors and sealing of any cavities in construction, ensuring high thermal and sound insulation. The foam polymerizes extremely quickly, so you can cut in as little as 10 minutes. It completely freezes after 1.5 hours. FOME FLEX ULTRA FAST 75L has a low secondary expansion of only 30%, which ensures structural stability. The product is resistant to mold and fungus, as well as high and low temperatures (-60 ° C to + 100 ° C). The material has a dense and solid structure, which ensures excellent thermal and sound insulation performance. Thermal conductivity coefficient – 0.036 W / (m * K) and sound reduction index – 63 dB. Working environment temperature 0 ° C … + 35 ° C. Temperature resistance after solidification -60 ° C … + 100 ° C. Areas of application: for window and door sealing, heat and sound insulation, acoustic insulation. Filling cracks, cracks, cavities, gaps, pipe insulation, sealing of roof, wall and floor joints.