FOME FLEX Fire- resistant mounting foam FIRE BLOCK

Refractory gun mounting foam. Designed for filling joints between solid mineral and metal building materials, when foam is subject to increased fire resistance requirements.

SKU: 01-3-2-016
Volume: 750 ml
Color: Pink
  • Fire resistance class В1 according to EN 13501-1 EL 30, EL 60, EL 240
  • Cutting time 20 minutes
  • Output up to 47 liters
  • Fully cures in 1.5-5 hours

Fire-resistant, single component, polyurethane installation gun foam. For filling joints and seams between hard mineral and metallic building materials and for insulation and installation of various elements (electrical wiring, fire doors, safes, etc.). For use in areas where foams are subject to increased fire resistance requirements. Excellent adhesion to many building materials such as concrete, gas silicate, wood, metal, glass and aluminum. Free-extraction yield 47 liters. Secondary expansion 50%. Thermal resistance 0.040 W/(m*K). Thermal resistance after curing –40°C…+80°C. Cutting time 20 min. Full curing time 12 hours. Sound attenuation index 61 dB. Temperature of working environment +5°C to +30°C. Fire resistance class B1 /EI 240.