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Point 416 Poly Fix polyester base chemical anchor

A two-component styrene-free polyester chemical anchor for medium loads, CE marked and ETA assessed, for use in a variety of materials such as concrete, solid and hollow bricks masonry.

SKU: 03-2-0-416
Volume: 300 ml
Color: Grey
  • Quick setting and curing times
  • Suitable for dry and wet concrete
  • Can be used with standart caulking gun
  • Overhead installation

POINT 416 POLY FIX is a bi-component polyester styrene free chemical anchor for medium loads, CE marked and ETA assessed for use in different base materials as concrete, solid masonry and hollow bricks masonry.
It is certified for threaded rods to be used in non-cracked concrete from diameters M8 to M16 and to use in solid and hollow masonry from diameters M8 to M12.
Due to its strong adhesion and ease of penetration into holes and hollow materials, the resin allows a secure attachment without expansion and without stresses in the base material, which allows you to make fixings close to the corners and edges of base material.