Professional waterproofing system product line: FOME FLEX HydroProtect

A waterproofing system product line that surpasses competitors: how did FOME FLEX HydroProtect earn the craftsmen trust?

If you need waterproofing works done before tiling in different rooms, home improvement professionals have a wide selection of products on the market for this need. However, craftsmen often complain about the poor elasticity of the products and the high price, which does not justify the quality. Tegra State noticed such trends and therefore decided to offer the market a slightly thicker membrane with a higher concentration of materials, which is closer to paste consistency. It is the product line of FOME FLEX HydroProtect waterproofing system. It offers a full range of quality, professional, and reliable products used before ceramic tiling works.

FOME FLEX HydroProtect is intended for craftsmen who want to perform waterproofing work in the bathroom, kitchen, laundries, sanitary, and other rooms before laying ceramic tiles. This product line is also suitable for heated floor designs. The range of the offered waterproofing system is very wide, so craftsmen can choose a comprehensive solution. The FOME FLEX HydroProtect system consists of a special primer, membrane, tape, corners, and sleeves.

The most important component of the FOME FLEX waterproofing system – the membrane – has excellent adhesion to substrate. It is elastic, quick drying, easy to apply, ready to use, and protects rooms from fungus and mold. After applying the product to the surfaces, the latter are also protected from the harmful effects of oils and fats. In addition, this membrane is one-component, fiber-reinforced, environmentally friendly, i.e. without solvents and plasticizers.

It is also important that both the FOME FLEX HydroProtect membrane and the FOME FLEX HydroProtect primer adhere reliably to the most common surfaces used for finishing works. These products can be applied on OSB, cement particle, gypsum fiber, and plasterboard panels, plaster, porous and plain concrete, masonry, stone, and screeds. FOME FLEX HydroProtect primer is also special. It contains additives that improve adhesion to the waterproofing membrane, and the product itself creates a light protection against moisture, is quick-drying, deeply penetrating and easy to apply.

FOME FLEX HydroProtect tape, corners, and sleeves are also unique. The products are strong, withstand water pressure of up to 3 bar. They’re also extremely elastic, with the tape alone having an elasticity of 106 percent transversely and 168 percent longitudinally.

FOME FLEX HydroProtect tape, corners and sleeves are designed to provide additional reinforcement in places where deformational tearing is possible. At the same time, they are used in the joints of floors, walls, and ceilings, for internal and external corners, and in places where pipes pass through.

Therefore, in order to carry out comprehensive and complete waterproofing of for example bathroom before tiling, FOME FLEX HydroProtect products will be completely enough for professional, high-quality, and smooth work of craftsmen. But what makes these products better than their counterparts on the market?

During the observation of the competitors and after analyzing the products, we noticed that home finish craftsmen are often disappointed by the low elasticity and high price, which does not justify the quality. Very often products equivalent to FOME FLEX HydroProtect are quite liquid. They contain a lot of water and the recommended application of two coats result in a rather thin final thickness of the membrane.

During the creation of the products of the FOME FLEX HydroProtect system, it was decided to make the membrane a little thicker. It has a higher concentration of waterproofing materials, so the consistency of the membrane is closer to that of a paste. These products are unique in that, once the water has evaporated, they will be able to create a truly solid and elasitc final membrane thickness of two layers. However, this does not affect the work. The membrane is easy to apply, can be worked with both a brush and a roller brush, and the product has a really high area coverage. Therefore, FOME FLEX HydroProtect surpassed its counterparts on the market and earned the trust of home finish professionals. These products, characterized by their unique advantages, are called today a reliable, high-quality, and effective choice for all craftsmen.

A unique polyurethane installation foam that meets the key needs of construction professionals worldwide

The higher the yield and the extremely fast setting. These are one of the most important requirements that are placed on installation foams by the construction professionals. However, not all products on the market can offer these benefits that are relevant to every master. That is the reason, why we made sure that the installation of windows and doors and the sealing of any cavity in construction is fast, smooth and of high-quality, at the same time ensuring high thermal and acoustic insulation. The innovative solution is the polyurethane installation foam of new generation “FOME FLEX ULTRA FAST 75L”, which is the fastest-setting foam on the market and has an extremely high yield.

The polyurethane installation foam “FOME FLEX ULTRA FAST 75L” is a truly unique product of new generation. It has a free blowing yield of around 75 litres. This cannot be offered by similar products on the market.

The most common volume of high-yield foam from other manufacturers is up to 65 litres. However, even this is achieved through extremely high secondary expansion of up to 100%. This means that the inflatable seam doubles in size, hindering correct placement of the seam, as you need to anticipate how much space you need to leave for it. Otherwise, the expanded foam will over-expand and damage the structure due to expansion pressure.

“FOME FLEX ULTRA FAST 75L” is a completely different solution. This product has only 30% secondary expansion, but still a higher yield. This makes it easier to form the seam, the foam does not break the door or window structure and the foam is accurately deflated. The product is also resistant to mould and mildew, high and low temperatures – it can be used from -60°C to +100°C. The ambient temperature ranges from -0°C to +35°C and can be used in rain or snow.

This foam has a dense and homogeneous structure, which provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation performance. It has a thermal conductivity of 0,036 W/(m*K) and a sound reduction index of 63 dB.

The product is also unique because of its extremely fast setting, which allows a faster completion of works. The cutting time for this foam is 10 minutes, compared to 30-40 minutes for similar products. Importantly, “FOME FLEX ULTRA FAST 75L” has a final set time of only 1.5 hours. In contrast, other foams on the market have a setting time of around half a day.

These features of “FOME FLEX ULTRA FAST 75L” make it possible to cut away unnecessary residues, cover foam joints, plaster, paint and do other necessary works faster. The product therefore has a wide range of applications. The foam is ideal for sealing windows and doors, for high thermal and acoustic insulation of pipes, and for filling cracks, splits, cavities and gaps. Likewise, it is suitable for sealing joints in roofs, walls and floors, and for all window and door installation works.

The use of this product is easy and standardised – like other polyurethane foams for installation and sealing. The work surface must be thoroughly cleaned and moistened. Shake the bottle vigorously and screw the gun on. Then turn the vial upside down. To adjust the flow rate of the installation foam spray, you will need to turn the valve at the end of the pistol grip. Then fill the cavity with foam.

If the foam is used at low temperatures, the vial must be warmed up to +18C by placing it in warm water or in a warm room. Residues of undried foam are best cleaned with “Foam Cleaner Fome Flex”. It is advisable to remove hardened foam mechanically.

That’s it. Take advantage of the unique benefits of “FOME FLEX ULTRA FAST 75L” and try a product that is recognised and appreciated by construction professionals around the world.  We will make sure that every work for which this product is designed is fast, high-quality and smooth.

Window and door sealing: How to choose the best installation foam for the highest-quality work?

Repair professionals require a number of specifications for the foam used to seal the gaps between the door or window frame and the building wall. They are concerned with the product’s secondary expansion, its elastic force, elasticity, coefficient of thermal conductivity, rate of cure and, of course, the product’s yield. Fome Flex 7 DOORS WINDOWS ELASTIC PISTOL FOAM, a single-component polyurethane installation that combines the best of all these features. It is a unique product for professional sealing of windows and doors and provides the best thermal and acoustic insulation.

The market offers a wide range of options for window and door sealing professionals looking for a modern, high-quality, and reliable product for their work. However, Fome Flex 7 DOORS WINDOWS ELASTIC PISTOL FOAM, a single-component polyurethane installation foam, outperforms its competitors in every respect.

In particular, the product’s permanent flexibility and lowest thermal conductivity of just 0.030W/mK ensure sustainability and excellent thermal insulation. In addition, the foam seam can withstand up to 25% displacement, making the product perfect for moving structures.

Fome Flex 7 DOORS WINDOWS ELASTIC PISTOL FOAM also has a high Noise Reduction Index, which reduces the sound level to 63 dB. This figure is one of the best in the market. Regular foam reduces the sound level to 58–60 dB.

This foam also has a particularly low secondary expansion without the need for force to be applied to window and door frames. Certified product testing protocols confirm this. Note that the product also polymerises very quickly. The foam can be cut in as little as 25 minutes without damaging its structure and maintaining the best seam properties. This uniqueness of the Fome Flex 7 DOORS WINDOWS ELASTIC PISTOL FOAM considerably speeds up and simplifies the craftsman’s work.

The product seals windows and doors without being weather-dependent. With an ambient temperature range of -5°C to +35°C, it works in rain or snow, so work doesn’t have to stop even in the coldest months.

These advantages are not the only relevant ones. With the rapid rise in the cost of building materials, many people are looking for a product with the highest possible yield. And the Fome Flex has a great one. The yield of this installation foam allows you to produce up to 40 metres of seams per bottle, enough for 7 standard doors.

Fome Flex 7 DOORS WINDOWS ELASTIC PISTOL FOAM is an environmentally friendly product that is completely harmless to human health. It meets the requirements of the A+ French VOC Regulation and the Emicode EC1 Plus certificates.

The product is also standardised and easy to use with its many benefits. The foam canister must be shaken vigorously, and then the gun must be screwed on. Next, thoroughly clean and wet the work surface and turn the canister upside down with the valve. To adjust the flow rate of the installation foam spray, turn the valve at the end of the gun handle. Then, fill the cavity with foam.

If the product is used at low temperatures, the canister must be warmed to +18°C by placing it in a warm room or immersing it in warm water. The best way to clean any undried foam residues is with the Fome Flex Foam Cleaner. Hardened foam must be removed mechanically.

Using these instructions and utilising the best properties of Fome Flex 7 DOORS WINDOWS ELASTIC PISTOL FOAM, the sealing of windows and doors will be done perfectly. This is the quality guarantee that Tegra State’s single-component polyurethane installation foam provides to professionals worldwide.

This single-component polyurethane installation foam guarantees high quality and matches  requirements  of professionals worldwide.

Advanced, next-generation technology provides the best solution for sealing facade and roof seams

A common challenge for builders during construction work is how to reliably seal structural and expansion joints in facades, roofs or walkways. We offer a professional, high-quality and advanced solution – “ Fome Flex ROOF & FAÇADE” sealant. „Fome Flex ROOF & FAÇADE“ – a new generation, low-modulus, premium hybrid sealant – forms an extremely elastic and durable seam on commonly used building materials. Learn more about why this technology is unrivalled in the market.

„Fome Flex ROOF & FAÇADE“ is our next-generation hybrid sealant featuring advanced and innovative technology based on a revolutionary principle.

Hybrid sealants cure with moisture in the air and they are designed to be more elastic and mechanically more durable than traditional products. “Fome Flex ROOF & FAÇADE” is also more resistant to temperature and weather fluctuations, resulting in a longer service life. It is also completely environmentally and health friendly, and is almost odorless.

These hybrid sealants are unique not only in their properties, but also in their versatility. They seal structural and expansion joints in facades, roofs and walkways on commonly used building materials. „Fome Flex ROOF & FAÇADE“ is therefore the perfect choice for concrete, brickwork, painted wood, enamel, aluminum, stainless steel and various plastic surfaces.

By forming a highly elastic and durable seam on these materials, hybrid sealants cure without bubbles. They are also free of isocyanates, solvents and silicones, suitable for wider joints, with high mechanical resistance and strong initial adhesion.

“Fome Flex ROOF & FAÇADE is also unique due to its zero settling. This product has excellent primer-free adhesion to most surfaces, even wet ones. Hybrid sealants are easy to apply and have a cure rate of 2-3 mm per day.

The products are simple and standard to use. The first step is to clean and degrease all surfaces. Next, cut off the top of the cartouche or foil packet and screw on the nozzle supplied with the cartouche.

The next step is to insert the cartouche or foil pack into the syringe gun and squeeze the trigger of the gun several times to fill the nozzle with sealant. The seam depth to width ratio for seams up to 10 mm is 1:1. Minimum width and depth is 5 mm. For a joint wider than 10 mm, the depth is the width divided by 3 plus 6 mm. The maximum width of the joint shall be up to 40 mm.

We are offering five different hybrid sealants in its range. “Fome Flex ROOF & FAÇADE” is available in clear, white, grey, black and anthracite.

All these products are certified with CE certification and other important certifications recognized in the construction market:

For these reasons, “Fome Flex HYBRID ROOF&FAÇADE” is unrivalled in the market as a new-generation, low-modulus, premium hybrid sealant. For those who are looking for a reliable, high quality and intelligent joint sealing solution, this product will exceed all expectations.

Construction adhesives: differences and what to keep in mind

Construction adhesive is an irreplaceable help in performing various internal and external construction and repair works: no need to drill holes — with adhesive you can attach even heavy objects, and connect various materials in the most difficult-to-reach places. Moreover, the choice of products is rather wide as well: polyurethane, acrylic and rubber-based adhesives are available, and some of the most popular and best-rated are hybrid adhesives characterised by high adhesion strength.

Depends on the complexity of work

As Tegra State experts note, different construction adhesives can be applied to nearly every work performed. For various simple finishing works, it is recommended to use acrylic adhesive, the production of which does not include solvents. Point 97 adhesive is suitable for gluing tiles, the nail replacement Point 95 – for gluing wooden and OSB panels, for gluing wood – Point 204 Wood Fix Adhesive D3 with increased adhesion force, for gluing polystyrene foam – Point 92, for fixing finishing elements – Point construction glue called Acryl Tack Interior, and for gluing and sealing various films – Point 203 Folie & Membrane Fix adhesive.

PU 301 Metal & Wood Fix polyurethane-based and extremely strong installation adhesive characterised by continuous elasticity is suitable for gluing and sealing stair treads and metal structures. Meanwhile, the rubber-based Point adhesive has a high initial bonding and is also perfectly suitable for gluing various finishing elements. This product is an ideal replacement for nails, and can also be used for gluing tiles. However, for more sensitive surfaces, it is advisable to use acrylic glue, since no solvents are used in its production.

Suitable even for boat repairs

The products that are the most resistant to environmental effects, highly durable and characterised by good adhesion are hybrid glues, which are valued for their universal application, as they can be used for both gluing building materials and hanging a simple mirror. It is recommended to use advanced technology Gudfor 911 hybrid glue for fixing skirting boards and edges, while Point 100 Ideas can be applied on any surface, even a wet one. This crystal clear adhesive is suitable for all construction, repair and utility works and has a high S1 mould resistance class. Point 105 HYBRI FIX MARINE, an adhesive specially designed for repairing boats, roofs and swimming pools is also available on the market.

Point High Tack hybrid technology adhesive with strong initial bonding is highly preferred by construction professionals. Due to its resistance to environmental influences, it is suitable for use with many building materials even on wet surfaces, forming a strong and always elastic bond which is able to withstand tensile force of up to 335 per cent. The bonding force of 20 t/m2 allows even very heavy building elements to be glued without support.

Extreme adhesive strength

However, probably the best choice, especially when working with heavy structures, is Point 104 Turbo Power Fix hybrid adhesive. This adhesive has a bonding force of up to 380 t/m2, ensuring excellent adhesion even with concrete, bricks, plaster, ceramics, glass, hard PVC, metals, stone, OSB, wood and other materials. In other words, this adhesive is characterised by its universal application and allows to glue a number of construction and finishing elements. The adhesive does not contain aggressive solvents, therefore, it does not damage even easily damaged surfaces.

Due to the high bonding force, this adhesive is suitable for use with high-weight structures, but a small application surface area. This is useful for fixing LED lighting panels and similar structures, for attaching heavier flat panels to uneven and non-standard surfaces.

Helps save time

Point 104 Turbo Power Fix also features an extremely short setting time — a bonding force of 20 t/m2 is achieved in just 15 minutes, which helps to get the job done quickly and to save a lot of valuable time. For example, when using 2-3 mm wide seams, 80% of the final bonding force is ensured after only three hours, whereas other construction adhesives require at least a day to fully set. Thus, when fixing aluminium suspended ceiling frames and plasterboard panels, installations can commence in just a few hours, while using other adhesives you might have to wait much longer.

This product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and allows the structures to be fixed on wet surfaces, which is also very important in rainy spring weather. Thus, it is much easier to plan your tasks, work faster and more efficiently, which ultimately results in lower costs.

In addition, Point 104 Turbo Power Fix has a high temperature resistance from -40°C to +90°C. The elasticity of the product after setting allows for reliable attachment of mailboxes, address numbers and other objects, without having to drill holes in the facade, which allows to ensure the thermal insulation properties of the building and achieve a high energy efficiency class.

In general, when choosing construction adhesives, it is not only the bonding strength, but also moisture resistance and application temperature, that should be considered. Tegra State specialists can offer advice on which product should be chosen for any specific work.

Free compulsory PU training for those who missed it

On 24 August 2023, a mandatory training requirement was established for all industrial and professional users of polyurethane foams, adhesives and sealants with a total monomeric diisocyanate concentration of more than 0.1%. For those who have not yet completed this training, Tegra state is providing free access to POINT, FOME FLEX, GUDFOR, Pplus product customers to do so without waiting so they can continue their work safely.

This training platform was developed by FEICA in collaboration with ISOPA, ALIPA, the diisocyanate industry associations, and is available in different EU languages. You can find it here.

Access code for the training: FEICA_21_C7.

If you need more detailed training, please contact us at +371 25 776 630

All professionals who complete the training and pass the test will receive a certificate valid for five years, allowing them to maintain their safety and achieve the best results with PU foam.

To ensure the safe use of isocyanates, this training programme covers a wide range of topics, including the health effects of isocyanates, the use of appropriate protective equipment, and many other relevant issues. The training programme is also in line with the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) Regulation.

Even after completing this mandatory training and working with polyurethane products, it is important to:

  • Work only in well-ventilated areas to minimise exposure to isocyanates
  • Wear gloves, goggles and other protective equipment- Store the products in a cool, dry place protected from direct sunlight and heat
  • Comply with the manufacturer’s technical and safety requirements